Intuitive Soul Coaching sessions are both spiritual and healing in nature. Through a gentle process of inquiry, we work together to discover what challenges, blocks, and patterns are in the way of your soul’s growth. My style is encouraging and dynamic, and I work closely with my own intuition and spiritual guidance, in partnership with your higher self.  

Soul coaching sessions are focused on your healing and expansion, and my model incorporates the following cornerstones: embodiment and grounding; clearing and healing on all levels; connection and relationship to spirit and the subtle realms; claiming your sovereignty and sacred purpose for this lifetime (for more details, see my blog).

The tools and techniques I have gained from my years of experience in energy healing, shamanic journeying, and hypnotherapy are woven into your soul coaching sessions.


Coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes long.

Available via Zoom or Telephone
$125 USD, single session
$695 USD, package of 6 sessions
(savings of $55)

These “deep dive” sessions serve a variety of purposes; often, more time and energy is needed to focus in on a particular issue, trauma, or pattern, and it is most beneficial to utilize a trance state or hypnotherapy/journeying process to properly address it.

Some prior experience in trance work or journeying is recommended.

There are multiple processes and techniques that can be included in a Deep Healing session, including: multi-dimensional journeying, prior life regression, soul retrieval, release of karmic/soul programs & imprints, chakra clearing and exploration, healing birth trauma, archetypal embodiment & empowerment, inner child healing, shadow integration, womb purification, ancestral healing, thought form and elemental depossession, engaging with spirit animals/beings/guides, and working within your Akashic Records. We begin with intention setting, and follow intuitive guidance while allowing your journey to unfold.

If you are interested in focusing on a specific issue or type of session, please inquire! 

  Deep Healing Journeys are 2 hours long. 

Available via Zoom or Telephone

$250 USD

My intensive soul coaching program is for those of you who are ready to deeply immerse yourself in a process of soul growth and personal transformation. Typically, this package consists of 10-12 individual Soul Coaching sessions, four Deep Healing Journey sessions, individualized journal prompts and Tarot pulls, and an astrological consultation. I will also curate a "Magician's Toolkit" for you to use in our work together.


A few times each year, I'll open up spaces for willing and courageous souls to jump into this program with me. Each time, I'll advertise the complete list of what is included in the program, as well as the current pricing (I like to change things up a bit each time).

If you'd like to be on the wait list, simply send me a message here

Available via Zoom or Telephone
Sold only as a Package!
Limited number of spaces...please contact me for availability and pricing. 

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