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Welcome! I'm Cassie...

I'm here to walk beside
you on your life's journey, assist you in transforming and healing your soul-wounds, and help you
shine the light you were meant to bring to the world.

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I'm an intuitive soul coach, advanced hypnotherapist, and experienced shamanic healer. I have a diverse set of skills and tools to offer you on your journey of discovery and healing.


Working with Cassie has been a gift for my soul. Cassie hears her clients' calls, meets them exactly where they are, and holds space for them to be willing to step into the light that she sees within them. Working with Cassie is a life-changing gift for the soul that I recommend to all, regardless of where they are on their healing journey. 

North Bend, WA

Embracing your magic can be an exhilarating, terrifying, and daunting journey. Having a trusted guide and mentor is just as important in this dimension as it is in any other.

Cassie is that rare blend of authenticity, empathy, and wise spirituality that is also grounded, rational, and humble. Part of her magic is the mirror she holds up to you - through her abilities you can find your own magic. Her loving, accepting, and encouraging way of teaching makes her the

BEST "spiritual mom."

Renton, WA

Cassie is a rock for me. She always helps me to remember how strong I truly am. She is a real gem...professional, kind, and very supportive.

Tuscon, AZ

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