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Vibrational Healing

Vibrational essences help to heal and balance the subtle energy of the body (energy fields, chakras, meridians). They have a profound power to help us heal and transform, by aligning with the energetics of our physical body and subtle energy bodies using the unique signatures found in nature. This medicine is based in the simple premise that our bodies are comprised of energy, and that energy responds on the quantum level to the energy of other living creations.

“Everything is medicine.”

I have a growing apothecary of gem/crystal essences available for medicine crafting, and am in the process of creating a line of essences specific to the powerful magic of the Pacific Northwest region where I live. I use the 38 traditional Bach Flower Essences as well as essences collected from other gifted healers and teachers.

Custom Vibrational Essence  $55

Custom Vibrational Essence with 1-hour Consultation  $125

Custom Vibrational Essence

A custom vibrational essence can be made for you remotely, using an intuitive process to pinpoint what essence ingredients will best support you. When ordering your essence, you are also free to share any details about what aspects of your life you want to address. 

Price includes your essence formulation and shipping. Every effort is made to ship within 5 business days of your order. 

Custom Vibrational Essence
with Consultation

During your consultation, we'll discuss the issues you're facing in all parts of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, as well as any aspects of your life that need healing and support. Using this information and intuitive guidance, I'll create a custom formula for you to address these needs. 

Price includes consultation, formulation, and shipping of your custom essence. Every effort is made to ship within 3 business days of your appointment. 

More about Vibrational Essences...

"Essences can be used as a supportive tool in conjunction with bodywork, counseling, spiritual practices, or medical treatments. The healing process quickens because the flower essences reconnect and repair breaks in the optimal flow of energy within the body.


Essences can help with integration from acupuncture, reiki, massage, cranial sacral, and chiropractic modalities. A few drops of flower essence before, during, and/or after a treatment helps the body hold new adjustments by assisting the nervous system in re-patterning and releasing emotions and traumas and integrating healing change.


Vibrational essences are similar to flower essences except no flower is used. These essences infuse the energy signature and frequency of a tree, element, place, waterways, event, gem or crystal, astrological timing, channeling, transmission, harmonic sound, or any energy in creation.

Flower essences help you relax, center, balance emotions, and honor your whole being. As you infuse yourself with Nature’s intelligence, you receive energetic nourishment for your body and soul. The light we take in from the essences actually feeds our nervous system and opens our evolutionary flowering process by harmonizing the relationship between our personality (and ego) and our higher self."

-Camilla Blossom, Vibrational Essence Master Teacher & Author of Sacred Spirits of Gaia 

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