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Hypnotherapy is highly effective for getting to the source or root cause of an issue in your life. Hypnotic trance allows you to access the subconscious and unconscious levels of your being, transcending the limitations and habits of the ego-mind. In this sense, hypnotherapy is deep-healing, soul-level work.

A more traditional Hypnotherapy session includes inner (psychological) resourcing, age regression, cathartic emotional release, and corrective experience. Hypnotherapy is particularly effective for healing trauma. Many clients have benefitted from sessions built around self-exploration through dreams, Tarot/oracle cards, or Shadow integration, as well.

I work within a transpersonal model, so I am paying attention to the soul-level, karmic, ancestral, and/or multi-dimensional energies and issues that may arise in any session. Because of these attunements, shamanic and subtle energy healing techniques and processes will usually make their way into a hypnotherapy session. You can also elect to have a session that is more focused on shamanic journeying (I call this a Deep Healing Journey), which is also depth trance work. 

There are multiple processes and techniques that can be included in a Deep Healing session, including: multi-dimensional journeying, prior life regression, soul retrieval, release of karmic/soul programs & imprints, chakra clearing and exploration, healing birth trauma, archetypal embodiment & empowerment, inner child healing, shadow integration, womb purification, ancestral healing, thought form and elemental depossession, engaging with spirit animals/beings/guides, and working within your Akashic Records. We begin with intention setting, and follow intuitive guidance while allowing your journey to unfold.

Hypnotherapy sessions are two hours in length, and are done in person or online via telehealth. 

The standard fee is $250. Sliding scale is available. 

Traditional Hypnotherapy

These sessions are perfect for addressing a specific emotional issue, trauma, or persistent pattern in your life. Traditional sessions often include parts work or inner child work. 

Womb Purification

A womb cleanse is a session that is deeply personal, and can be healing for folks of all genders (we all came from a womb, right?). It can also be helpful for those who are wanting or trying to get pregnant. 

Deep Healing Journey

This type of session is my own unique blend of hypnotherapy and shamanic journeying. These journeys can be profoundly healing, and usually involve energy clearing, soul retrieval, and high-vibrational attunements. These are also customizable, depending on what you're most interested in addressing.  and high-vibrational attunements. These are also customizable, depending on what you're most interested in addressing. 

Soul Retrieval 

Based on the premise that we all lose soul-parts, or bits of our energy/essence along the path of our human lifetime, this beautiful work is meant to heal that. Highly personal and profound, these sessions are often life-changing. 

Past Life Regression

Past life sessions are always fascinating, but they are also therapeutic, as we make connections between your "other selves" and current issues or patterns in this life.

Cord-Cutting and 

Energetic Release

Tired of feeling attached to toxic people or "old baggage?" This work is particularly helpful in resolving any lingering emotional and energetic ties to old relationships. Great for "cleaning up" after a break-up.

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