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My training in Reiki has been both traditional and intuitive. I have deep respect for the lineage and traditions of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and as a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, I still closely follow the ways I have been taught. I am also an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner; Angelic Reiki carries a very high vibration, and is primarily intuitive in nature. Angelic Reiki has attuned me to the guidance and energies of many celestial beings—Angels, ascended masters, and galactic healers—as well as deepened my relationship with the Earth and her elemental/nature beings.


Reiki is both universal—available to us all—and deeply personal. As a practitioner, I have developed my own relationship with this healing energy over the years, and have created my own “recipes” for channeling it in therapeutic sessions.

You can choose from several types of sessions, listed below.

Sessions start at $125. Sliding scale is available.

You may also purchase a package of sessions in advance for a discount:

3 sessions for $335 (10% discount)

5 sessions for $530 (15% discount)

10 sessions for $1000 (20% discount)

Grand (Re)Opening Special! 40% Off 

your first Reiki session!

Traditional Reiki 

(75-90 minutes)

This is my standard Reiki treatment session, for those who are seeking deep relaxation and healing with minimal interaction. Most of us live highly verbal and distracted lives, so a quiet session can be a blissful respite. All Traditional Reiki sessions include chakra balancing, an energy “tune up” and clearing, and extra attention to any areas in need of deeper healing. 

Intuitive Reiki 

(75-90 minutes)

Intuitive Reiki sessions give you a standard Reiki treatment, with the addition of intuitive guidance and interaction. During an Intuitive Reiki session, I’m receiving clairvoyant/ clairaudient information and will relay to you what is coming through…this can take many forms, including contact with your spirit guides, your Akashic records, different layers of your being, and more. These sessions are a dynamic mix of a psychic reading, Reiki, and energy medicine, completely unique to you.

Reiki Journey

(90-120 minutes)

These sessions are a combination of Reiki and Shamanic Hypnotherapy sessions, and are done on the table. Using Reiki as a direct healing tool in hypnotherapy is highly effective, and many clients have reported that they are able to go deeper into relaxation and trance while receiving Reiki. These sessions are interactive, following the intentions you’ll set at the beginning of your appointment. Depending on what you want to focus on in your session, we can schedule for 90 minutes or 2 hours.

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