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Why Dragons?

“Why dragons?” you might wonder. "Isn’t this a spiritual healing practice, not some kind of fantasy or science fiction site?" Not long ago, I would have wondered the same thing.

When I was introduced to my power animal in a shamanic journey early this year, it was a red fire dragon. This was surprising, to say the least! First of all, I already have animal spirits that have worked with me for years…so I thought I would “meet” one of them during this journey. Nope! Secondly, I’ve got quite a few other-worldly beings on my team of spiritual guides…but I’d never met a dragon.

What I know now is this: the dragon is an exceptional, powerful, magical, multi-dimensional being. A master of the elements. One who is able to move between worlds, shape-shift, and use its strength as a force for healing & transformation. Dragons’ common folkloric reputation as terrible, unintelligent beasts does them a great disservice. I have come to see them as the perfect totem for Starseeds, lightworkers, healers and seekers, so much so that a business rebrand was necessary for me. I knew this right away (I even scribbled down “Red Dragon Healing Arts?” in my notes after the session). It has taken some deep personal work, recalibration, and willingness to take this leap…but to work from and align with the dragon vibration is now foundational to much of the work that I do.

I’ll introduce my dragon later :) Our journey together is just beginning, and part of my work in this space is to share what I learn from this magnificent messenger. I feel blessed and humbled that this dragon chose me. And I am excited and honored to be bringing this work to my clients and the world.


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