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Coaching Cornerstone #1

The first cornerstone of my Intuitive Soul Coaching method is what I consider to be foundational to all soul-level work: “Create safety and containment within the coaching relationship. We begin with embodiment, grounding, and sovereignty.”

We focus on creating structure and a strong healing container to build trust and safety in our relationship, which is the most essential ingredient in the work we do together. From there, the focus shifts to practices of embodiment. How do you know when you’re in your body? How do you know if you’re checked out, in shock, or dissociated? How much has previous trauma or unhealed emotional wounds dictated your relationship with yourself and your body? What can you do to care for your body in times of stress or heavy emotion? These are some of the questions we will explore and answer together. No true healing or shift in consciousness can happen until we are in an embodied state.

We will also focus on grounding, using both spiritual and practical methods. The purpose of grounding work is to integrate mind, body, and spirit and cultivate presence in the moment. There are many different definitions for what “grounding” means, but to me, it is a way to be embodied, mindful, and clear…which is where you want to start and end any healing session (meditation, trance, journeying, hypnotherapy, etc.).

Sovereignty is the last piece of this cornerstone…in soul coaching, I use this term to mean ownership of your declared and sacred self, all levels of your being, with the unique expression of Spirit that is yours in this lifetime. Two things are indispensable in a truly sovereign being: agency and accountability. Your agency is the courage and power to make your own choices, and the free will assigned to you according to universal and spiritual law. Your accountability is a full acknowledgement that no one (and I mean NO ONE) is responsible for your choices, your power, or your life but you. Agency and accountability come together; we cannot have one without the other…and when we truly understand and internalize this, we are on the path to true empowerment.

It is my experience that when we get these foundational pieces in order, your energy shifts dramatically. From this grounded place, you are able to access more of your whole self. Then, the mystical and subtle realms begin to reveal themselves more fully, and the path of transformation begins.


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