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Coaching Cornerstone #2

The second cornerstone of my Intuitive Soul Coaching method is one that we’ll be utilizing for the entirety of our work together: “Engage with healing processes, rituals, and energetic healing on multi-dimensional levels. This includes ego and shadow work, as well as the four facets of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).”

One of my core beliefs is that anyone on a spiritual path must also be doing their human work. This is a huge part of the incarnational deal, right? We come to “Earth School” in order to learn lessons, resolve karma, heal old wounds, clear old energies and timelines, and GROW our souls. From there, our larger purpose can I know all too well, it is difficult to authentically be of service to others while dragging around a bunch of old baggage.

In soul coaching, we begin by tackling the things that feel most obvious to you…usually, the human things that you struggle with, the egoic patterns that persist, and the reasons you sought out a healer and coach to begin with.

Much of what blocks us or gets in our way is, simply put, the old energetic gunk we carry around…in our bodies, our minds, and our energy fields. Some of it has accumulated in this lifetime, and some of it is inherited/ancestral or karmic. Some of it is our own, of course...but often, a lot of it doesn’t even belong to us (especially true for empaths and HSPs). As we move forward in our work together, we’ll be continually assessing what needs clearing and attention.

Similarly, much of what we suffer from isn’t necessarily housed at the soul level. Our conscious minds are absolutely packed with stories, patterns, choices, and assumptions that don’t serve us. Our subconscious is filled with shadow, negative conclusions, and fragmentation that keeps us confused and disconnected from our true selves. Often, it is this human persona that needs healing order to give your soul, your higher self, a healthy place to live and evolve.

This is why I believe the combination of soul coaching and deep healing work is so magical…it is truly a process of spiritual alchemy, of transformation. You have someone to offer you support, direction, mentorship, teaching, and encouragement. And you get to experience a variety of deep healing systems…shamanic journey, hypnotherapy, subtle energy work, Reiki, and more.

Each of these healing modalities helps you to tackle the issues that arise at all levels of your being…and each of these modalities allows for infinite creativity, with intuitively-led guidance. When you work with me, you have access to my many years of experience, wisdom, and training, as well as my ever-expanding magician’s toolkit (courtesy of my guides and teachers).


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