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Coaching Cornerstone #3

The third cornerstone of my Intuitive Soul Coaching method is also something we will be focusing on for the entirety of our work together: Connection and relationship-building with the mystical and subtle realms through journeying, ritual, and meditation. Working with spirit allies, the elements, the archetypes of transformation, and your higher self.

One of the most empowering shifts that can happen for a client is to get them (re)connected to their own power and their own spirit allies. Many things can get in the way of building these relationships, but the two most common are fear and doubt. Part of our work together is to get you well-acquainted with your own allies and resources, so that fear is replaced by familiarity and trust. Doubt is the other pervasive issue, one that I’ve had difficulty with myself over the years. Healers, intuitives, and highly sensitive people often struggle to accept their own gifts, and it can take a lot of practice to get comfortable with the information that comes through for you.

For some, introductions will be needed, so we will complete journeys and sessions that are geared toward finding and conversing with your higher self, your power animal, and any ancestral, angelic, galactic, or ascended master guides that want to work with you. Together, we will create or enhance the foundations of a spiritual practice that will deepen these relationships…usually through ritual and meditation…and allow you to continue the exploration on your own.

The power and wisdom of your guides cannot be overestimated. These beings are looking out for your highest good and helping your soul to evolve, whether you are aware of them or not. Because I work in concert with my own guides, the lot of them together (mine and yours) will often “light the way” in your sessions; I frequently direct my clients to check in with their guides, ask them for feedback, and bring them along for all deep healing journeys.

There are two more pieces that I feel are crucial in soul work: aligning oneself with the power of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether), and partnering with the archetypes of transformation, for which I use the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The elements provide an understanding and a framework for all magical and alchemical work (which is what deep healing truly is). Our human bodies are a part of the earth, and are themselves elemental…bringing ourselves into wholeness and balance requires an understanding and utilization of the elements we are made of. Working with dragons has been a game-changer for me, because these multi-dimensional beings are masters of all the elements…and each element is required for healing to occur.

Similarly, the human psyche is a part of this incarnational reality; as Carl Jung taught, we are all tapped into a source of wisdom and turmoil known as the collective unconscious, which is where myth and archetype are housed. In both our shadows and our light, the archetypes move through us, and help to shape the patterns in our minds, behaviors, and emotions (for better and worse). Deep archetypal exploration via the Tarot has produced some of the most profound understanding and integration of shadow that I have ever done, and I guarantee that it will be a game-changer for you as well.

The greatest joy in my work is the infinite creativity of the soul and its journey…no two people share the same spiritual guides, karmic influences, power places and animals, archetypal patterns, or spiritual path. This makes our work together full of discovery and transformation, completely unique to you.

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