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Coaching Cornerstone #4

The fourth and final cornerstone of my Intuitive Soul Coaching method is: Discovery and deepening of your soul’s purpose, claiming your own magic, and living from your sacred center.

This cornerstone is really about the magic that happens when healing becomes integrated and expansion is occurring. While we’ll continue to revisit deeper healing modalities as needed, and certainly always be clearing negative energies that collect or arise, this part of the spiritual coaching relationship is when you really get to spread your wings.

Often, clients will come to me with a vision or a deep calling, wanting to make big changes in their lives but not knowing what to do. Others find that no matter what they do, things aren’t necessarily flowing in the ways they’d hoped or expected. These scenarios are perfect for my coaching and healing method…together, we are creating the foundation for your growth and healing, then diving into deep healing processes, and connecting you to your own resources and guidance.

These are the steps that bring you to the center of yourself, the starlight deep in your heart. I think of the whole process as one of clearing the channel: if you imagine your energy body as having a central column, housing all of your main chakras (from crown to root, or soul star to earth star)…think of all the debris, energetic junk, emotional baggage, and karmic messes that are clogging up each chakra and the channel as a whole. When that is healed and cleared, suddenly you have access to SO much more! In some shamanic traditions, they call this the “hollow bone” effect…continually clearing and healing our human-level blocks, so that we may become a clear channel for spirit.

It is in this place that your purpose, and your individual magic, can flow through you with ease. From this place of grounded wholeness and embodied spirit, your sacred purpose unfolds. It would be my honor to accompany you on this journey, and witness the sacred made present in you.


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