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The Starseed Mama

The longer I’ve done energetic and shamanic healing work, the more I’ve seemed to draw a particular type of client. In the past, I’ve called them “baby Starseeds” or “baby psychics,” simply to indicate that they were just awakening to and becoming conscious of their gifts.

It is a joy for me to work with such creative, magical, spiritual souls…some of whom have been very afraid of what they experience or what they know. I see my role as multi-faceted, and certainly I facilitate healing as the primary function of my work. But what brings me the deepest fulfillment is mentoring and teaching others as they get to know their own souls…how to use and enhance their gifts, how to connect to and dialogue with spirit and their own guidance team, how to ground and protect their energy and their bodies, how to move through this lifetime on Earth with confidence and a greater perspective and purpose.

In a meditation/channeling session a few years ago, part of my own team of guides referred to me as a Starseed Mama. I was touched by this…I laughed at the cutesy-ness of the nickname, but also felt like I had been given a high compliment, and certainly an honor. I was also touched that they used the term “mama,” as that was what I called my own mom when she was alive.

This Starseed Mama energy is a large part of what I bring to my work with clients…teaching with compassion and discernment, holding space with love and integrity, and nurturing and encouraging your growth with heart and soul. This is truly my soul’s mission.


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